Vendor & Rental


Booth size
8 ft. X 10 ft. = 80 sq. feet.
All booths are inside
Each booth has power outlet.

Booth rent
For corner booth- Contact us for details
For middle booth / non- corner booth - Contact us for details

Minimum Contract
6 months. Short term leases available on rare circumstances.

Market Buisness Hours
Sat & Sun 10.00 6.00 pm

Office hours

Thu - 12.00 5.00 pm
Fri - 12.00 - 6.30 pm
Sat & Sun 10.00 6.00 pm


Extra hydro can be provided on payment for the extra outlet
Vendor has access for restocking on Thursdays only from 12.00pm 8.00pm
Vendor provides all displays, shelves, tables, chairs etc.
Merchandise can be left at the booth during the week when the market is not open.

Security at flea market

Vendor is responsible for insurance and safety of their booth.
The market is monitored by burglar alarm when it is not open..
45 security cameras monitor all main entrances and aisles
The market has emergency lights and fire alarm system.
The market is fully sprinklered.

Contact information

Contact persons - Syed kamal , , Iftikhar Haider ,Ambreesh, Mariam
Phone number - 905 268 0502
Fax No. 905 268 0718
Web site - www.



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